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Caravan & camping

Caravan & Camping

Yachticon offers special cleaning, polishing and care products for RVs, caravans, awnings, tents and biminis. The program includes many special solutions for maintenance from spring cleaning to the long-term conservation of vehicles. The products are also used in the household, for patio furniture and cars.

Cleaning and care

RVs, caravans and camping often require a special cleaning and care. That is why we have developed our special RV & caravan elixir for all surfaces which even handles stubborn dirt like tar, grime and others effortlessly. Our black streak remover removes effortlessly unwelcome rain residuals, our Caravan Super Cleaner removes stubborn dirt from almost all smooth surfaces.


Yachticon brings out the shine of your RV and caravan! Our top product RV & Caravan polisher cleans and seals in only one operation. With high-quality waxes and acrylic sealing it ensures a long lasting surface protection for all plastics, varnishes and metals.

Fabric cleaner

Textile materials are often highly exposed to natural forces. Environmental influences leave behind visible traces and cause unwelcome damage. Our tent and fabric cleaner gently and reliably removes  dirt on all kinds of tents, tent roofs, tarps, inflatable boats and other types of fabric. The cleaner leaves behind a protective film effectively preventing new dirt.