Boots- & Wassersportzubehör
Cleaning accessories

Good cleaning accessories is the alpha and omega of efficient work. Our practical tools with their clever features often offer better comfort than the common products on the market and save time and nerves.

Brushes and sponges

Yachticon offers an extensive range of brushes and sponges from the small hand brush to the 3m long telescopic brush, from the simple washing sponge to the super fine micro fibre bristle sponge.

Buckets and washing basins

In addition to the traditional plastic buckets, we offer practical rubber buckets and space-saving foldaway buckets and washing basins. They save space when stored and make still for adequate containers.


The Yachticon assortment includes various types of hoses: Multi-channel hoses, Flex hoses, flat hoses with reel, spiral hoses and high-pressure hoses. They can be universally used with standard connections.