Boots- & Wassersportzubeh├Âr

Yachticon offers a number of products for the maintenance of the engine and the conservation of fuel. The range of products includes preservatives for diesel fuel, additives for diesel and fuel, motor additives for diesel and gasoline engines, water absorbers, oil additives, antifreeze, cold cleaners, preserving sprays, motor oil for 2 and 4 stroke engines, grease, oil absorbers and care sprays.


When fuel remains in the tank for a longer period of time, there will be an increased risk that bacteria and other biological sludge forms that will lower the fuel value and in a worst case lead to plugging and engine failures. Our top products Yachticon Diesel Plus and Grotamar 82 from Sch├╝lke will prevent this from happening. Thanks to an antifouling component Diesel Plus prevents the formation of bacteria and biological sludge, lowers the fuel consumption of up to 4% by increasing the cetane number and reduces wear thanks to an additional lubrication.


Water in the tank is a nuisance. In addition to a poor combustion it will also increase biological sludge and attack metal parts. Our water absorber for Diesel and gasoline as an absorber of water will ensure a reliable and uniform combustion. Our other additives such as the Diesel System Cleaner or Benzin Plus also ensure a better combustion and less wear.

Care and oils

If the motor hasn't been used for a longer period of time the risk of corrosion will increase. In this case we recommend  a engine preservative that reliably protects from moisture, salt and other influences. Our Yachticon engine storage fogging oil is sprayed onto the engine and protects pistons, seals and cylinder from rust and corrosion. Our Yachticon 4 stroke motor oil protects the engine during the operation against wear and corrosion. It is perfectly suited even in case of tough operating conditions. The contact spray ensures corrosion-free contacts.