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Yachticon is one of the leading suppliers of boat care products worldwide. At Yachticon you will find everything you need to care for your boat properly. Our extensive product range offers a varied selection of cleaners, polishes and waxes for all surfaces. Special care products for sanitary facilities and engines, not to mention our unique fresh drinking water system – which includes Aqua Clean, the leading product in this field worldwide – enable you to enjoy carefree sailing, even if the nearest port of call is some distance away.

What’s more, Yachticon has all the products you need to keep your boat in tip-top condition.

Boats, yachts and sailing vessels are our core market. The extensive Yachticon product range has the answer to (nearly) all your questions relating to boats. Our most popular products make everyday life easier for boat owners who enjoy being in their element.

Premium Polish
Yachticon Reinigungs-Paste

Premium Polish with a special combination of waxes and with Teflon® surface protector. Cleans, polishes and seals in one go. Prevents the accumulation of dirt of all kinds.
Item no.: 02.0135.00

Aqua Clean
Yachticon Reinigungs-Paste

Conserves drinking water for up to 6 months and keeps it fresh and pleasant-tasting. Takes effect in just two hours. One bottle is enough for 1000 litres of drinking water.
Item no.: 01.0001.00

Pura Tank
Yachticon Reinigungs-Paste

Cleans the drinking water system safely and thoroughly, leaving no odour or taste. Use twice a year and conserve the water with Aqua Clean on a regular basis.
Item no.: 01.0005.00

Purysan ultra
Yachticon Reinigungs-Paste

Concentrated toilet cleaner prevents build-up of unpleasant odours and helps to break down toilet paper and faecal matter quickly. A little goes a long way: 500 ml is enough for 500 litres.
Item no.: 06.0059.00

Diesel plus
Kunstledertuch extra saugfähig

Has antifouling component to prevent the build-up of bacteria and biosludge. Reduces wear and fuel consumption.
Item no.: 02.0739.00

Impregnating Spray
Kunstledertuch extra saugfähig

Restores the waterproof, breathable and dirt-repellent qualities of sprayhoods, awnings, biminis, sailing clothes etc., prevents mould spots and mildew.
Item no.: 02.1028.00

Anti Spider Spray

Insecticide designed to combat spiders and arachnids. Equally effective against spiders, fleas, lice and ticks. Simply spray on and allow to take effect.
Item no.: 02.1928.00

GFK Super Cleaner
Kunstledertuch extra saugfähig

Cleans gelcoat surfaces really thoroughly, also removes stubborn dirt such as rain streaks,oil and tar stains and wax residues on plastics, gelcoats, rubber and varnish.
Item no.: 02.0008.00

Premium Hard Wax
Kunstledertuch extra saugfähig

High-gloss sealant with Teflon® surface protector, top product for long-lasting protection against dirt, UV rays and other harmful environmental factors. Prevents chalking and fading.
Item no.: 02.0469.00

Anti Yellowing
Kunstledertuch extra saugfähig

Direct-actinggel designed to remove yellow algae infestation in gelcoat on the water line (“yellow wave”). Also removes rust spots and rust around the exhaust.
Item no.: 02.0102.00

Ship-Shape Cleaning Set
Kunstledertuch extra saugfähig

Cleaning set consisting of aluminium 75-180 cm telescopic handle, 3-piece, soft brush with PET bristles, stiff brush with PP bristles, boat hook set, cleaning glove, bag.
Item no.: 32.4902.00

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