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For caravans, camping, outdoors and leisure

For caravans, camping, outdoorsandleisure

Many campers also put their trust in provenYachticon quality in the great outdoors. As well as the tried-and-tested cleaning agents used for water sports, Yachticon offers a host of products for camping and many other leisure activities.

Our extensive product assortment offers solutions to any questions relating to cleaning, impregnation and drinking water treatment, as well as various sanitary fittings. Our range is complemented by many other practical items, such as collapsible buckets and bowls, brushes and cleaning accessories.

Not only do we have outstanding products for boats, we have also developed a number of items especially for the caravan and camping sector. Our most successful products are world leaders.

Aqua Clean
Yachticon Reinigungs-Paste

Conserves drinking water for up to 6 months and keeps it fresh and pleasant-tasting. Takes effect in just two hours. One bottle is enough for 1000 litres of drinking water.
Item no.: 01.0001.00

Pura Tank

Cleans the drinking water system safely and thoroughly, leaving no odour or taste. Use twice a year and conserve the water with Aqua Clean on a regular basis.
Item no.: 01.0005.00

Pury Blue

Toilet fluid for camping toiletsand waste tanks. Helps to break down faecal matter and toilet paper, prevents unpleasant odours and keeps tanks clean.
Item no.: 06.2842.00

Rain Streak Remover
Yachticon Reinigungs-Paste

High-performance cleaner for stubborn dirt, such as black rain streaks, that has accumulated over a period of time. Gentle, also suitable for varnish and stainless steel.
Item no.: 02.1188.00

Tent Impregnator

Cleans and impregnates the fabric used for tents, marquees, screens, outdoor clothing etc. in one go. Keeps fabric watertight and breathable, reduces electrostatic charge.
Item no.: 07.1399.00

Mildew Remover

Fast, easy and direct-acting removal of mildew, algae, moss, mould stains, green growth and other organic contaminants of plastic, natural stone and other materials.
Item no.: 02.1030.00

Katadyn Pocket Filter

Robust water filter. Suitable for years of regular use, even under extreme conditions. Silver-impregnated ceramic filterelement acts against bacteria and protozoa.
Item no.: 14.2003.00

20 litre Solar Shower

Water bag made of black PVC heats up in the sun and provides 20 litres of hot water. With flexible hose, cut-off valve and adjustable shower head.
Item no.: 03.2218.00

Aluminium WashBrush with Side Bristles

Super-soft wash brush with side bristles on 90-175 cm aluminium telescopic handle. With water flow-through and quick-connect coupling.
Item no.: 32.5029.00

Collapsible 15-litre Bowl
Kunstledertuch extra saugfähig

Versatile enough for washing, doing dishes, carrying etc.Stands upright when filled with water. Very stable canvasfabricwith welded seams. Space-saving storage.
Item no.: 32.5025.00

Collapsible 9-litre Bucket

Collapsible bucket in extra-strong PVC quality. The bucket stands upright when filled with water and can be stored away to save space when not in use.
Item no.: 32.4757.00

15 m SpiralHose
Spiral Schlauch Set

Coil hose that rolls back up after use. With multipurpose spray gun, two quick-release adaptersand tap connector.
Art.Nr.: 32.5626.00

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