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For cars and other vehicles

For cars and other vehicles

Motorists,truck drivers, RV owners and classic car fans put their trust in tried-and-tested Yachticon quality. When it comes to vehicle care and conditioning, the Yachticon range offers an extensive selection of cleaning, polishing and sealing products. The product range is complemented by useful accessories, such our 3 m telescopic wash brush, sponges and handheld scrubbing brushes.

As far as vehicles are concerned, our focus is on the cleaning, conditioning and ongoing care of all surfaces. Our most successful products in these areas are exemplified bymany satisfied users.

Cleaning Paste
Yachticon Reinigungs-Paste

Gently cleans more stubborn stains,such as black rain streaks. Ultra-soft cleaning compound with deep-cleaning action.
Item no.: 02.3698.00

Clear Glass
Yachticon Reinigungs-Paste

Cleans glass panels indoors and outdoors, even without wipers. Raindrops run off quickly, prevents misting over.
Item no.: 02.1726.00

3 in 1 Dry Wash
Yachticon Reinigungs-Paste

Cleans, polishes and restores shine to varnished surfaces and gelcoats in one go, without water. Environmentally friendly, for sensitive materials.
Item no.: 02.0130.00

Extra-absorbent Wash Leather
Kunstledertuch extra saugfähig

For drying, cleaning and polishing all surfaces. Ideal for boat, caravan, car and household. Lint-free and washable, 66 x 43 cm.
Item no.: 32.5263.00

Extendible Deluxe Aluminium WashBrush
Kunstledertuch extra saugfähig

Extra-long extendible aluminium handle (length 130-300 cm).With water flow-through. Large super-soft wash brush. With quick-connect coupling.
Item no.: 32.3785.4962

Collapsible 9-litre Bucket
Kunstledertuch extra saugfähig

Practical collapsible bucket in extra-strong quality. It stands upright when filled with water and can be stored away to save space.
Item no.: 32.4757.00

15 m SpiralHose
Spiral Schlauch Set

Coil hose that rolls back up after use. With multipurpose spray gun, two quick-release adaptersand tap connector.
Item no.: 32.5626.00

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