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For the household

For the household

Thanks to their practical properties and habitual high quality, more and more products in the Yachticon range are being put to use in the home as well as for outdoor and leisure activities. Particularly popular choices are our sprays against spider infestation, room dehumidifiers, handy cleaning aids, hoses for the garden, teak care products for garden furniture and many other Yachticon products.

Many of the things that work well on boats work equally well onshore. Because here, compared with conventional products, consumers enjoy using products in the knowledge that they have been specially developed for tough conditions on board. Not only are our most successful products in this field easier to operate, they are also highly effective.

Anti Spider Spray
Yachticon Reinigungs-Paste

Insecticide designed to combat spiders and arachnids. Equally effective against spiders, fleas, lice and ticks. Simply spray on and allow to take effect.
Item no.: 02.1928.00

Room Dehumidifier
Yachticon Reinigungs-Paste

Room dehumidifier with 1 kg of granules in a robust container with drip pan. Suitable for rooms up to 50 m³ for approx. 3-4 months.
Item no.: 02.3824.00

3-piece Teak Perfect Set
Yachticon Reinigungs-Paste

Cleans, seals and removes grey. This set can be used to refurbish drab teak furniture and restore its shine, natural colour and resistance.
Item no.: 02.4869.00

Kunstledertuch extra saugfähig

The revolutionary caulking tool helps beginners and experts to create the perfect caulking bead.With its unique design Caulk-Rite evens out the distribution of caulking and forces the sealant into the gap.
Item no.: 11.4920.00

PVC, Window Frame & Garden Furniture Cleaner

Intensive cleaner removes stubborn stains on plastic and varnished surfaces. Especially effective against grey film, rain and rubber streaks, rust, oil, grease and grime.
Item no.: 07.5201.00

15 m Flat Hose with Reel
Kunstledertuch extra saugfähig

Roll-up textile hose. Space-saving storage. With 5-function multipurpose spray gun, two quick-release adaptersand tap connector (3/4” and 1”).
Item no.: 32.4888.00

15 m SpiralHose
Spiral Schlauch Set

Coil hose that rolls back up after use. With multipurpose spray gun, two quick-release adaptersand tap connector.
Item no.: 32.5626.00

Magic Stain Away Sponge
Kunstledertuch extra saugfähig

Cleans only with water, not for use with cleaning agents. Removes all kinds of heavy soiling, such as rain streaks, limescale, rust film, scuff marks, rust, pen marks etc. Ideal for all hard surfaces.
Item no.: 32.5167.00

4-piece Sponge Set
Kunstledertuch extra saugfähig

Practical sponge set consisting of synthetic window leather, sponge, scourer and wiping/drying pad.
Item no.: 32.4759.00

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