Boots- & Wassersportzubehör

Yachticon offers a very extensive assortment of products for maintenance. The products can be used in a variety of ways for boats, vehicles and in the household. Our product line includes sealing agents, all kinds of glue, polyester filler and resins, glass mats, epoxy fillers and resins, gel coat repair kits, all kind of tapes, sanding materials, brushes, rollers and painting accessories.

Glueing and sealing

Our innovative glues and sealing agents meet the highest standards and are able to withstand even the strong stresses in the maritime sector. In addition to established products, we now also offer our innovative MS polymer glue and sealing agent. MS polymers are characterised by a number of positive properties such as temperature-resistance, salt water resistance, overpaintability and stability. Of course, they do not contain solvents and therefore do not attack surfaces.

Polyester, epoxy and gel coat

Once the surface is damaged, our established filler products will help. When done right the damaged area can be reliably repaired and protected and will disappear permanently. Our repair filler on polyester basis is suitable for non-porous and smooth surfaces above water. They quickly harden and can thus be very easily sanded. For the application under water, our epoxy fine filler is the ideal choice. It fixes osmosis damage, it is of course water-tight and has excellent adhesive properties in case of coating  thicknesses of up to 10 mm. The gel coat repair filler, a one-component nitro synthetic resin filler quickly and reliably touches up small holes, cracks and scratches on the gel coat, plastic, wood and metal.

Sanding and painting

A proper pre-treatment and good working materials will ensure decent results with the painting and varnishing. Yachticon offers a number of different sand papers for machines and manual work. Our brushes, rollers, foils as well as all kinds of safety articles will facilitate the work significantly.