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Polishing, waxing, colour restoring

Yachticon offers a large assortment of polishes, waxes, colour restorers, rubbing and polishing compounds, metal care products and nano-technology surface protection.


Yachticon polishes offer long-term protection against harmful environmental influences for all materials. The top product is our Premium Polish with Teflon surface protector for super easy handling and long lasting protection for all gel coats, varnishes, plastics and metals. Together with our Marine Polish and our high-end product Nano 12 these are the leading products in this segment at Yachticon.


Our waxes are top products for the long-term protection against dirt, UV radiation and other harmful environmental influences. They prevent the chalking and fading and are easy to process. Our colour wax restores the shine of faded colours.

Colour restoring

Our rubbing and polishing compounds with grinding particles remove stubborn stains and polish weathered surfaces. Our rubbing is ideally suited for all plastic surfaces, our rubbing and polishing compounds contain rubbing grit that is getting smaller during the polishing saving time in the process.