Boots- & Wassersportzubehör
Sanitary products

Yachticon offers an extensive assortment of products related to the maintenance of onboard toilets or portable toilets. The assortment includes flushing water additives for marine toilets, care and cleaning products for toilets, hoses, feces and waste water tanks, sanitary additives for all portable toilets, toilet paper and toilet brushes.

Additives for flushing water and sanitary fluids

Hygiene in the WC is a sensitive topic. The standard for care products is clear: the highest degree of cleanliness. Yachticon care products do just that such as our unique Purytec set. It is mounted directly between the connection and the WC and will then ensure cleanliness and freshness after each flushing. Pury Blue acts inside the feces tank, it decomposes feces and toilet paper and prevents unpleasant odour.

Cleaning and care

Even the best precautions won't save you from cleaning the sanitary objects. Yachticon Pury Clean cleans and disinfects using oxygen safely and efficiently in waste water tanks and waste water systems. Pury Clean eliminates unpleasant odours and removes most types of deposits automatically. Our WC oil lubricates and protects rubber seals of the WC making sure that the seals will last for a long time.

Toilet paper

Toilet paper is not always toilet paper. Because on board it is important that the paper is quickly decomposed and does not cause any unnecessary plugging. And it should also offer the familiar comfort. Yachticon toilet paper dissolves especially fast and is soft and therefore ideally suited for all pump and caravan toilets. Our special theme papers are somewhat unique.