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Yachticon history

The history of Yachticon

Yachticon was founded in 1982 by Astrid Nagel. The company's first product was Aqua Clean for conserving drinking water. It originated from Herbert Nagel's idea (who imported candies and other treats for all of his life) to produce a liquid product that does not clump together like powder or is not as expensive as pills. Powder and pills had already been on the market at the time. A jump start came from the neighbour Dr. Winkelmann, a food chemist, who developed the formulation and from an editor of the "Bild Zeitung" who every now and then published small editorial articles on water conservation.

The first production then took place in the kitchen, later in the basement of the house. Three sales representatives were quickly found who continuously increased the sales of the product. The first small booths at the Hanseboot and boot trade fairs in Düsseldorf ensured, among other things, that the product became quickly known. The export has been an important main pillar of the company's history right from the beginning. 

In 1992, Oliver Nagel entered the business after completing a successful training as a business economist at the Wirtschaftsakademie Hamburg. He had to decide between candies and boat care but the decisive factor then was his hobby - sailing. The office at the time was still in the home of his parents; a warehouse service supplier took care of the distribution. From the existing ten products, the number of products has grown continuously to more than 1000 products related to the care and maintenance of the boat.

Our (old) company building in Norderstedt Glashütte

In 1989, we moved the company to Norderstedt Glashütte. Here we moved into  an office with a large warehouse on a 3500m² property. At the beginning the property housed several subtenants which over time all filed for bankruptcy. This suited us very well as the company grew with each year and required more space.

Since we again have run out of space, we will open our new company headquarters in 2016 in the same industrial park. On an area of 8600m² there will be approx. 5000m² of storage space and 1000m² of office space.


The first filling of Aqua Clean in the home kitchen and the first booth at the Hanseboot trade fair in Hamburg.


First product tests and a booth at the Hanseboot trade fair


The production moves into the basement at home, the capacity increases and we are back at the Hanseboot trade fair.

1987 - 1989

As always we are at the Hanseboot trade fair in Hamburg.


We conquer Switzerland for the first time with our cleaners and test our new Sea Champoo.

1991 - 1992

First time at the Mets in Amsterdam.

1993 - 1994

Our booths at the Hanseboot trade fair in 1993 und 1994 as well as our booth at the Mets in 1994.


We are at the Caravan Salon for the first time, we have our first own sales display, we are for the first time a sponsor at the world championship of the H-boats on Lake Thun (Switzerland) and are present at the Boatshow in Paris as well as the Hanseboot trade fair.

1997 - 1998

In 97 and 98,  we were at the Boot trade fair in Düsseldorf and the Hanseboot.